Saying Goodbye…

Well I moved out of the cottage studio today after a pretty terrific two years there.  I became kind of attached to the funny little house, the nice neighbors, the breezes blowing through on a summer day.  I made a lot of work there and learned how really important it is to have a space away from “normal” life.  No phone, no junk mail, no kitchen appliances–hence no cooking!  Just two tables, a lot of paint and paper, and me.  Carolyn came and we had a terrific week of art-making, friends came and brought things (or made things)

I painted roses on the wall while the roses bloomed outside the door

…everything out but the paint chest

(Stay tuned for cottage studio, chapter 2…)


  1. A bittersweet passage. Always a bit of a wrench to move one’s workspace…at least for me. Love your line drawings. (and the red thorns stuck w/ green tape)…breathlessly awaiting chapter 2.

  2. you are SO right…always a wrench to leave a good workspace. The first thing I put up in the NEW cottage studio will be the red rose twig with the green tape…looks like October…?

  3. We’ll miss this little house. It hosted us very sweetly on a few Thanksgiving weekends. But your new plan is exciting. Think we’ll all fit in there?

  4. good bye, wonderful space, what a great time i had in you with bon, the quietening of the mind and the focussing of ideas–goodbye goodbye goodbye

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