Project Space 3

Today I moved into PS 3 where I’ll work for a month with other artists including Corrie Loomis-Dietz, Paula Booth, Barbara Rowland.  I’ll have two projects going which will include the old double wedding ring top:

(which looks better in this photo than in real life…) which I plan to cut up and reassemble without the addition of any other fabric…I know, sacrilege, but if you saw how bad this is without being wonky…well…I’m having my Mom’s old featherweight reconditioned for the sewing project…

secondly will be work on paper, I THINK examining  childhood demons…

and the Boonstra kids dropped by today so I drew around them:

Meanwhile Chris was working away on his “aerosol piece”

better come down tomorrow night for first Wednesday…it will be fun I promise…


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