After watering the white garden this morning, I was sitting on the deck quilting away on the State of Oregon quilt and musing about why I like hand quilting so much.  I got out the first quilt I hand quilted and looked at it remembering that as I started, I didn’t know any of the “rules.”  I’m a painter.  My talented sister-in-law (Nifty Quilts) FORCED me to make a quilt about 5 years ago (…I cut myself with the rotary cutter…) and I’ve been stumbling along ever since.  Now I know the rules okay, but just choose to do it my own way anyway.

I think for me the hand quilting is a little like coloring, a little like painting.

and more than that, than just the sheer fun of it for me, is the fact that on the finished quilt I like to see the evidence of the hand.

Of course this noticeably limits my output, but it isn’t a race?  Okay.  Back to the State of Oregon.  I’m almost to the Pacific Ocean…just finishing the coast range.  Happy Saturday.