The Rubber Duckie Caper

This spring we had  break-in at the beach house.  It was a pretty idiosyncratic burglar who stole strange things.  One thing the fiend took though was ALL of our rubber duckies.  It has been a well-known tragedy among our familiars.  So Sunday morning when I looked out the kitchen window here’s what I saw:

12 rubber duckies smiling in at me.  Woohoo!  After careful consideration and discussion, R felt the caper had Ella written all over.  She confessed to running into a rubber duckie collection at a garage sale and being tempted.  I can’t even describe my delight.  The duckies looked so sweet I left them there and later (driving the OTHER car) went off to the grocery.  When I returned…FIENDS!

Where there had been twelve there were now NINE!!!!  ( A nearby neighbor has the front of his pickup filled with rubber duckies…hmmmmm………)

Corralled for safety:


  1. Well, Jeez, despite its coastal serenity, that CCity is a hotbed of criminal activity! I clearly recall that Roger’s remarkable pile of distressed painted driftwood, gathered for many years on various beaches, was stolen several years ago.
    I still watch for replacements, though not much luck lately. Am wondering if a new pile is underway and if any of the old pieces ever reappeared.

  2. nope…gone. His theory is that the garbage men took them, but I’ve never known them to take stuff without sending you a bill! I personally believe it was one of the fiends from Cutler City.

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