This spring we had  break-in at the beach house.  It was a pretty idiosyncratic burglar who stole strange things.  One thing the fiend took though was ALL of our rubber duckies.  It has been a well-known tragedy among our familiars.  So Sunday morning when I looked out the kitchen window here’s what I saw:

12 rubber duckies smiling in at me.  Woohoo!  After careful consideration and discussion, R felt the caper had Ella written all over.  She confessed to running into a rubber duckie collection at a garage sale and being tempted.  I can’t even describe my delight.  The duckies looked so sweet I left them there and later (driving the OTHER car) went off to the grocery.  When I returned…FIENDS!

Where there had been twelve there were now NINE!!!!  ( A nearby neighbor has the front of his pickup filled with rubber duckies…hmmmmm………)

Corralled for safety: