Goodbye to August…

And we aren’t really ready to say goodbye…are we?  Our last August beach weekend was spent with Doug & Marie, Em and Fin and Fin’s friend Kellen.  For me it began in a predictable way with a trip to you-know-where:

and we arrived on a gorgeous sunny afternoon:

Saturday there were various things going on, but Marie & I took a trip to the antique mall and saw this AMAZING dresser (if only we had a cabin in the woods…)

Sunday was to be the kayaking on the bay day and began with the loading

and the unloading

and, of course, the Mom-photo op:

Fin & Kellen heading out…

Clean up:

and today it rained as I drove home in my not-quite-ready-for-fall mood.


  1. a sweet little story told with your usual telling photos. I join you in your not-quite-ready-for-fall mood, only stronger: more a not-at-all-ready! my seasonal moods were derailed with the no-show spring and haven’t yet sorted.

  2. I’m on the same page…don’t want to start wearing a jacket when I feel like I never got it off! I really need another month of summer…here’s hoping?

  3. 91 here in Rochester today, 90 yesterday, and 90+ Wednesday and Thursday. Hmmm. Hottest summer here since 1921, we’re told. We are ready for some cool (once we have our ongoing exterior repairs under control).

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