Art Weekend…

What a fun weekend so far…art all the way.  Friday night was Jon Colburn’s opening at Bush Barn, and before hand we checked out Jon’s rather wonderful studio (Jon is on the right):

filled with art and artists (Jon Bunce, Cary Doucette, Jackie Johnson, Mardy Widman):

and tools of the trade

Eunice Parsons was there

and she caught up with George Johanson a little later over the salad course:

I didn’t get any shots of the show, OR of the collaboration quilt Kay and I were “guest quilting”…oops.

Saturday Roger and Henk Pander conferred on manuscript issues while I got a coffee (oh Stumptown…I love you)

and then we went to Henk’s opening at Disjecta. He’s showing a group of paintings of his granddaughter Mary Alice, curated by Meagan Atiyeh:

Here’s Henk and Mary Alice

Go take a look at the show…it’s up until October 16th.  Disjecta is at 8371 N. Interstate Avenue in Portland and is worth a visit.


  1. So how much portraiture does Pander do? His portraits of McCall & Kitz had seemed like outliers – so is this a new interest? That would be exciting! (And is the curator herself related to a third governor?)

  2. Henk Pander has been doing portraits always…one of the most moving of his recent portraits is of his wife Delores who died this summer. He has a show coming in Nov. at the Laura Russo Gallery, and in Feb & March of 2011 Roger Hull is curating a retrospective at the Hallie Ford Museum. In conjunction with the show Roger Hull has written a fascinating (I just finished it!!) book called “Henk Pander: Memory and Modern Life” which will be out early in 2011. I didn’t photo the displayed drawing books at the Mary Alice show, but he is, of course, a superb draftsman and has many volumes filled with drawings of persons.

    Meagan Atiyeh is indeed related to former governor Vic Atiyeh (granddaughter I believe…). Meagan works for the Oregon Arts Commission and has recently spearheaded the cleaning and reformatting of the State of Oregon percent for art collection here in Salem. She has written a very nice essay about the collection, as yet unpublished.

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