Crazy Quilts

Until I have the new studio and can paint, it’s quilts all the way.  I was reading Barbara Brackman’s blog this morning about crazy quilts which sent me to my own photo archive.  A few years ago I happened into the Lincoln County Historical Museum at the end of the quilt inventory day, people brought in quilts for photographing.  This truly wonderful crazy was there.  The embroidery appealed to me because it looked like drawing:


  1. I have a framed 2×2 piece of a crazy quilt made by my great grandmother Harriet Hartford. The best crazy quilt I have seen is owned by Margaret Hoglund from the Whitman alumnit office. The embroidery and embellishments on it are outstanding. I think that I also have the crazy quilt we had around in my childhood, in the trunk with a bezillion plants sitting on top of it in my bedroom. I love them and have thought about doing one. My Aunt Minnie did one for each of her seven grandchildren. I hope they appreciate how special they are.

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