Quilts hit the road…

Travel time.  I’m putting the last bit of quilting on the collaboration quilt, and off it goes to Kay for her to finish.  (The show goes up the first week of October at Bush Barn Art Center…Quiltopia week…)

the “reconfigured” wedding ring (the Project Space project) goes along with me to Hawaii, with my goal being to come home with a finished quilt!

Hawaii is a blank page to me…this will be our first trip there.  I’ve got the supplies ready though!



  1. Aloha Bonnie! Take lots of photos for our vicarious pleasure in your trip. May it be wonderful! Those supplies look most promising! Hope to see your drawings, yet another finished quilt and photos…any time scheduled for relaxing in paradise?

  2. I’m not too sure Maui has thrift stores? Isn’t it all a big hotel and shopping mall? We’ll be on Molokai and Maui only. We’ll see…and I’ll be missing Quiltopia week which is Oct 1-3. Will keep my eyes peeled though…

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