Wind Towers???

On the drive from the airport to our condo we discovered immediately the big controversy on Molokai…wind power.

They don’t want it, or more precisely, they don’t want it on historic pieces of land.  Totally sympathetic to the need to preserve history, I also saw immediately that it’s very windy there and that wind towers might help Molokai retain the fiercely independent and isolationist persona it has.  A conundrum for sure…but the hand-painted signs were very cool…

Should I mention our son works for Vestas…???

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  1. Our region here is rife with protesters as well, though the signs are not nearly as creative. And here the plan is to put the turbines 4 or 5 miles out in the lake. Biggest concern of protesters here? Noise. Hmmmm.

    But in the end, about 70% of Hawaii’s electricity comes from oil. As this becomes prohibitively expensive, I think the protests will wane – hard to watch one’s big HDTV when there’s no juice.

    Only 4.5 percent of Hawaii’s energy comes from renewable sources. Pretty low for such a paradise.

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