The Last of Hawaii…

My tan is fading but the pictures of Hawaii are still firmly in my head.  I realized my detour into trenching had subverted my need to put my entire vacation on the blog.  Short but sweet here are the images of the last 5 days in Maui:

Palm trees and sugar cane…fascinatingly sugar cane is a two year crop…I learned this at the sugar cane museum…

lunch in Paia at the Paia Fish Market where they had all these beautiful birds of paradise in front of the counter (two fish tacos-no fries-yum)

gelato (pistachio)

a stroll, where we noticed posters for upcoming events (Barktoberfest???)

Suitably refreshed we headed for Honokeana cove where we found our wonderful condo was RIGHT on the water and for the next few days the cove was our entertainment featuring snorkelers (there are giant sea turtles in the cove) rain storms, sunsets, rainbows…wow.

also we had a nice small pool (Jim consulting his iphone)

and a suitably rainforest view out the bedroom windows

One day we spent the afternoon in Lahaina…Roger was reading Michener’s HAWAII while we were there and he wanted to see where the original missionaries arrived and set up…

and then of course dinner…at Kimo’s…and a sunset…

…OH…and interesting wardrobe ideas:

plus our many many thanks to Carol Green for planning this trip and for the gift of time spent…



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