Free Bouquets…

This coming week we start to build the studio (!!!) so I had to trim the big hydrangea this morning so the workmen can get by it.  I put out 2 big bouquets of hydrangeas…they make such pretty bouquets in the house in the fall…with a free sign on them…it seemed a shame to stash them in the garden bin…

and HEY…any of you Salemites…there’s more on the bush.  Here’s the bush AFTER the trimming

I don’t even hang them upside down anymore..just cut, remove the leaves and stash them in vases and flower cans to use at Thanksgiving.  They won’t be good after the rains start so come get some now…

1 Comment

  1. Beautiful. Nice offer! Lost my big hydrangea to winter freeze. Miss such fresh and dried bouquets. Maybe will get by to cilp a few…

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