The Garden Studio…Day 3

Pouring, pouring rain most of the day today.  But, the intrepid guys worked on with Kevin being totally soaked.  Here’s how it looked in the first hour (Kevin on the roof)

but when I got back from the gym…voila!  Windows!  (Electrician Larry on the left and contractor Wayne on the right.)

Dan started working on the east side putting on the shingles.

The view from the studio is good:

The wiring was done today and tomorrow the conduit goes in the trench…(inspection maybe Wednesday???) and the rest of the shingles go on.

1 Comment

  1. Yow! Looking terrific! Love this.

    Waiting this evening for major storm here as well, with our project in media res also. Ahh. Fall.

    Won’t be long before you’ll be in there making fabulous things.

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