Another Art Saturday…

Up to Portland today to see some art before attending the artists’ reception at 12X16.  Stopped at Elizabeth Leach Gallery to look at Malia Jensen’s “Shelved” which included bronze

and cast crystal pieces

and then a nice selection of Lee Kelly smaller works to compliment the big show of his work at The Portland Art Museum:

Next door at PDX were these, and other work, by Justin L’Amie that delighted me:

coffee and a little sandwich of course:

then on to see George’s show at PNCA one last time to photo R in front of his portrait”

Next we zoomed to Sellwood for the artists’ reception at 12×16 where Eunice posed in front of her work

and Luke Dolkas (and son Apollo) posed in front of his work

Luke has a frame shop and will be showing Eunice’s work next month…

I have a piece in the show as well…graphite and ink on waxed paper…

also liked this Laura Nugent painting but the photo isn’t too good..go see the show…

all in all a satisfying day…it might snow tonight?!?


  1. Hello! I’m glad you liked my work. Thanks for getting out there and seeing it. I appreciate the positivity.

  2. I’m so glad you share your little art journeys. Such wonderful art you get to see. Makes me feel a part of it all. Your drawing is wonderful!! I have to ask, did Roger plan the matching outfit? 🙂 Made me smile, thank you!

  3. Justin: Nice work…loved the whole show…wish I’d posted sooner!
    Liz: No, R always wears the same outfit (more or less) for easy recognition…when standing near portraits of himself…
    LeeAnn: my idea exactly…

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