Quilt thoughts…

Once you start thinking about (and working on) quilts…well, you find them everywhere.

Sitting down with my quilt the other night (I’m alllllmost done with the hand quilting)

we plugged in the netflix, “The Seven Year Itch…”  (Marilyn Monroe) and on came the credits…OMG

and then this morning in the paper was a nice article about a women’s church group that made some 245 quilts during the course of the year for every child (and every staff member!!!) in a school where 91% of the youngsters are on federal food aid.  The kids were delighted!

and the headline is accurate for me…quilts bring the makers warmth and joy too!!!


  1. Thought of you, Bonnie, when I saw this morning’s quilt story. You have taught me to look for and at quilts everywhere! Loved the movie credits, too.

  2. Ever!!! It doesn’t seem like a “real” quilt to me anymore unless it’s hand quilted. At a recent quilt show only two were hand-quilted.

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