New Year, New Decade….

Starting both “on the edge”…a twenty year tradition.  After the New Year’s Eve revelry at the beach…(we stayed up til 3:00 a.m.!)

we had a quiet day today, with a view of the bay:

a coffee with Hans’ SUPERIOR foam:

a view of the bay from a different vantage point:

a stop at the fish guy’s for some true cod:

and a last view of the bay which made me ESPECIALLY happy as this one was taken at 5:00…two weeks ago 5:00 was totally dark…the light begins to return!!!!

Time enough tomorrow to make the lists of what to do in the year ahead and (if we’re lucky) in the decade ahead.  For tonight maybe a movie, and sticking with our usual resolution…the one we make EVERY year…HAVE MORE FUN!!!



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