Boy and it was.  Bright sun, warm-ish, no wind.

Bike ride, gardening, beach walk…and best of all the beach was filled with beach wares of the best type…beautiful and free in some of my favorite categories…red rocks, beach glass, agates, shells with holes, heart rocks, little white shell bits:

Tonight the winter film festival continues with “True Grit”…after a salmon caesar at the Side Door Cafe.  So far I like 2011 pretty well…


  1. How did you guys like True Grit? We saw it with my uncle and cousin in Ohio. I really liked it…Read not as much

  2. Linnea: anything that I post after 4:00 gets the date of the next day on it (?)

    Katie: LOVED True Grit…straight forward story-telling, interesting nuances (the relationship of the girl with the lawyer…) loved JEFF BRIDGES TAKING THE character to another place, though the homage to John Wayne still there…terrific view of the “old west”…ugh.

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