Portrait Unveiling…

Back to reality today, and art reality comes first.  We joined a large crowd at the Oregon State Capitol building…

to witness the unveiling of the new portrait of soon-to-be-former governor Ted Kulongoski by Portland artist Eduardo Fernandez (note the painting covered with a black cloth behind the podium)

There many speeches, many thank-you’s, the giving and receiving of the portrait, and a few remarks by the artist…once the painting was revealed…

and then remarks by the governor…one of his last public speeches in a long career, as he leaves office in just a few days after 8 years as governor…

the portrait (the painting within the painting, behind the governor, is an Albert Bierstadt painting of MT. Hood…we LOVE those art historical references!!):

As an extra bonus R and I got a little tour from Frankie Bell of half of the newly installed art collection in the Senate offices.  The paintings, prints, photos and sculpture in this wonderful collection have been repaired, rehung, brought out of storage, etc., and there are some real beauties including Lucinda Parker

Henk Pander

and Constance Fowler

We’ll be back in February when the collection re-opens with new labels and a printed catalog, and are looking forward to it.  Frankie pointed out the roof garden, which is looking quite good since it was turned over to the State Parks and re-designed, so we took one quick view before dashing out to the parking meter…fun day, even though gray!!

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