HENK PANDER/Opening, Lecture…

Two years of interviews, writing, thinking…and a lifetime of art making….all conjoined into one evening, one wonderful and interesting evening:

Tulips everywhere in preparation for Henk’s arrival:

But first:

…and we’re off and running…

…and a little bit of a family occasion for us with our son and his partner and two of my brothers in attendance:

and later a very sweet moment, Roger and the living (!) artists he has had the pleasure of writing about:

From left to right George Johanson, Henk Pander, Roger Hull and Harry Widman.

…and on we go…


  1. I was very sorry to miss RH’s lecture. I’ve seen the exhibit and hope to read Roger’s thoughts and research on Pander’s work. I’m going back for the third viewing. Looks like you had a lovely time!

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