Winter Carwash…

While most of the nation is snowbound, the sun is brightly shining here…and you know what THAT means…yep…CARWASH TIME!

AND…it was $2.00 off for “ladies” (hence the long line)…not sure I’m one of those, but don’t know where else I can have so much fun for $4…

Now I want to find a carwash where the scrubby blue things are RED…that would be cool…


  1. hahah! great photos! are you rubbing it in, that you don’t have 4 feet of snow on the ground? you rascal! ūüėČ that BLUE in the last photo is fabulous…

  2. I like the gray shot with all the circly things in it! We finally got our first drive through carwash in Port Townsend last month but I haven’t been through it yet.

  3. These are great! When are you going to do a book of these or a series of paintings from them? I’m serious…if I could somehow print them off of the blog, I would put them together for the pleasure of looking through them again. SDM

  4. These are really fun photos Bonnie! I agree with the other commenters that more should be done with them…paintings. A collection. A quilt series.

    1. Thanks Katie…I have a ton of them and SHOULD stop but can’t…it’s an addiction…car goes in, camera comes out, click click click. YOU know the feeling…xo

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