1. I like the “dragon” gazing out to sea; disreguarding the shelter.
    Do you suppose older children built this? Reminds me of elaborate things my boys would build, involving hours of labor and compelling story line. Nothing was too difficult if it advanced their project. Funny, such an attitude rarely translated to work requested of them.

  2. Yes I hear you. It’s lashed together in a wonderful way…hours spent…a door. What was the fun of a secret space…even a blanket over a card table…and I don’t think we HAVE card tables anymore, do we??

    1. I still have a card table. Comes in handy when I need a workspace and every other flat surface is covered with various kinds of “junk”. My sister and I had a playhouse when I was little that fit over a card table. My dad built a v-roof shaped thing that went over the top and my mom made the house from osnaburg or some other heavy cloth and painted windows, roof shakes, etc., on it. Something about having a hidey space of one’s own was the appeal.

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