Beach Sojourn…

Our few days at the beach started with Jim’s birthday

and the next morning we headed north toward Cannon Beach:

stopping for lunch at Wanda’s

…where we were shown to the fireside table

and as we settled in, we took notice of exactly where we were.

Wall decorations included a reminder of RPH as a young man

a host of my FAVORITE…souvenir plates

and though we were tempted to linger

we ate our excellent lunch, paid our bill and headed out (noticing the fish bowl on the way out the door):

Cannon Beach next stop.

(no…we didn’t stop…)

Stay tuned for our amazing studio visit with Rex (and Diane) Amos.

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  1. The 1st photo could be used in a fine coffee table book on food…so invitingly beautiful. The last photo, that of the iconic Haystack Rock, manages to take a fresh look. And the cafe photos…what fun! Thanks. I needed a beach break.

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