We visited the studio of Rex Amos on Monday (see previous post) and in addition to Rex’s work, we saw the work of painter Matt Glavin…studio-mate and long-time friend of Rex.  Matt (Portland/Berkeley/Cannon Beach) paints in acrylic, and for years has brought 20-24 paintings every 6 months to Magnolia Editions in Oakland, CA where they ran them through the press as part of the chine colle process.  But first the studio:

the walls have some paintings by Matt but the floor…has ALL the paintings.

…the wonderfulness of a studio…and then this


and then on to Matt’s house where we found him a little under the weather but ready and delighted to talk about his beautiful work (much nicer than these particular photos might indicate…)

PHEW!!!  After visiting Matt, Diane served us a fabulous meal and then we watched a wonderful video Diane shot a decade ago of Rex and Matt working in the studio/at Magnolia Editions.  The great discussions of the Portland art world in the 70’s/80’s/90’s, the beautiful and inventive work, and the hospitality offered us was sensational.





  1. Dear Bonnie,
    Do you happen to have any information on what Matt is up to these days? I am working on an appraisal of one of his wonderful prints and was hoping to get in touch with someone about it, but I realize he may be retired.

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