My mind is on other stuff this week, but here are two short news notes…got a delicious and almost-pretty coffee at Broadway coffee (in the new modern church buildiing on the east side of Broadway)…it’s Stumptown coffee.  The help…four people behind the counter…were so busy talking to each other that none could talk to me (or really even LOOK at me) and the maker of this coffee WOULD have made it prettier if she’d been paying attention to business instead of her friend’s hairstyle… (can you tell this is a pet peeve of mine…bad service??) but it was good…

Monday Marie and I had lunch at the Wild Pear and Cecilia gave me an early birthday present…CHECK IT OUT!!!

…NOT the iced tea, the PLAID rubber duckie.  Oh Bliss!!!


  1. Love that ducky! I finally got a “pretty” latte at the UnderTown coffee house in Port Townsend. Have to say I don’t often get “fancy” coffee drinks, so there may be more pretty ones in town.

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