We’re going to Cortona in May..R will be “leading” an alumni tour of some 40 people…  He did the same in 2008 and it will be fun to get back to Italy.  For the people in the group Roger has started a weekly blog to show them what we’ll see and get them in the mood!  You can check it out HERE but thought you might like a couple of Cortona views…these night and day shots from our hotel

and…of course…the first Italian cappuchino of 2008

Roll on MAY!


  1. Cappuccino is my favourite espresso drink! When r is older, we should join you on one of these trips…

  2. Glorious day and night views. Sigh. One of these days…Be sure to take lots of your wonderful photos and treat those of us who aren’t on this trip with you.

  3. I am, of course, eaten up with envy. Sometime I may both have money for, and know about, a Hull Italy trip soon enough to go again. I can just taste that cappuccino. It never tastes the same anywhere but there.

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