Today, after a tiny but delicious lunch R made before heading to the beach,

I got checking the Salem Blogs.  Emily, over at Desperately Seeking Salem, was talking about cherry blossoms so later…on my drive-about…I went to check them out

remembering how annoyed I was when they cut down all the walnut trees in the 80’s to redo the Mall landscaping.  I’m happy now though because they’re sooo beautiful…

Then over at Capital Taps one of the topics was the rejected Frank Lloyd Wright design for the Statesman Journal Building…and the building that was finally built was by Pietro Belluschi so I had to make a stop downtown to take a few shots (with apologies to Julius Shulman).

Be sure to check these blogs out to remind yourself that Salem…though the SECOND city…is actually an interesting place, and that there are people who live here who think so…

Last stop was to check on my little pig farm, deployed on a Salem alley window sill in the winter

checked on in early March

but today…???

looks like the dust bowl…had to go for a coffee…still checking on Broadway Coffeehouse…the barista today was pretty good…