Alexandra Opie at the Hallie Ford

Went to see Alexandra Opie’s new work at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art and I thought it a stunning show…

the beautiful, sepia, large format photos are playing off of her interest in old photographs and her feeling of the unsettling mystery of landscape…all used to wonderful effect in this show…really a must see…here are my not-too-good photos (with mirrored reflections) of her beautiful photos…all of landscapes in Florida

And showing with Alexandra are the ten senior art majors, who this year produced some terrific work.  Kelli Maeshiro’s  gorgeous small “self portrait” series are just so interesting and delightful you go eagerly from one to the next

Then the intriguing “costumes” of Sarah Miller…”King” “Queen” and “Princess”…in which the maker makes a fantasy narrative of growing up in Silicon valley amid the early software millionaires living an unimaginable life…her life…

and a few more things…Emily Lewis’ luminous lamps…

and Emily Cafaro’s cigarette butterflies…

and more, which didn’t photo too well…

The social comments are subtle, the work is interesting and sometimes beautiful.  Up until May 15th.    Upstairs is a fascinating show of Ethiopian Christian work, not to be missed

But, before heading for home, a brief coffee stop at the Broadway Coffeehouse where the barista (an art student) is getting better and better…


  1. I went yesterday, before seeing your note, and I did e joy seeing her work in her own room. Very interesting! I think my favorite was one of the ones you photographed, the “fire” one.

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