Today we met at the PNAA (or maybe the PNAAA), Pacific Northwest Artists Archive, at Willamette University.  Archivist Mary McKay entered into a dialog with representatives from the Hallie Ford Museum and the Salem Art Association (and one interested citizen–me) about the matter of archiving a life’s work.   How to help artists develop such an archive, where archives can be placed, how a community can collaborate to help artists do this important work.  It was the first time for the group to meet and an interesting and lively discussion.  We saw some archival material

saw tools of the trade

while Kathy Dinges took notes.

We agreed to meet again…adjourned…and went for a coffee

Coming Tomorrow: AN Update on the landscaping for the Garden Studio!!!!


  1. Hi Bonnie,

    You know I would have loved to been there! Maybe I can arrange a day visit to the archivist office to discuss what I am doing for Jim’s 60 plus year career.


    Coffee always looks inviting!

    Thanks for your posts.


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