Car Moment…

While I like to keep the blog non-commercial (except for coffee…), I have to report on our latest consumer moment.  We got a new car.  We had a 17 year old car and an 18 year old car and we were feeling the need for more reliable transportation.  In our long lives together we had only ever gotten one new car and that was in 1993…all the others have been used, which we believe is the way to go.  But, just this one time, my “exit vehicle” was to be brand new.  We had to trade in the old car and it turns out they REALLY wanted it, so it was a quick goodbye

and into the “loaner”while we awaited the new car…

a 2008 Forester that was fun to drive…

and then, FINALLY, the car arrived and we went to pick it up from the irrepressible Billy

Now this car has millions of drink holders and plugs for things (things I don’t own…) and bluetooth (there’s a learning curve…) and a special back-up camera so you don’t squish a toddler or a pet…

low mileage (it had 4 miles when we drove away)…

AND, it has a (totally clean) motor (phew!)…

and, it really is so sweet…

and so far the old guy and the new kid are doing fine…


  1. Wonderful car! I see we are now twins. Be careful when you use the camera, though. The first time I looked into it to back up, I didn’t see our local police officer behind me and dinked his back fender. Fortunately, we didn’t have to call the police. Have a good trip. Taking off for Italy just after buying a new (time for a commercial) SUBARU will give you something nice to come home to. By the way, did Roger receive the Wallace, Idaho, laundry bag? I’d like to see him wearing it as a bib.

  2. What model of car did you trade in that they wanted so much? And was it the one you bought new in 1993?

    I don’t know how to say Bon Voyage in Italian, so French will have to do. I hope you will find sunshine and balmy breezes in Italy, unlike what we seem to always have in the PNW this spring!

  3. Very enjoyable post. However, the “exit” car designation gave me pause. A fond farewell and best wishes for a most happy Italian adventure! Looking forward to the follow-up posts!

  4. When I sold my ’84 Honda Accord at 16, it had 170-some thousand miles on it. (It had 58,000 on it when I bought it in 1989) And it kept on going for its next owner. And the 2000 Accord I bought new to replace it is about to turn 100,000. Old Accords and Camry’s and Corollas seem to keep on truckin’.

  5. We are a 2 Subaru family, a 2003 and a 2006. We took our lead from Lynne and Don Dagg and Karen Runkle who had sung their praises. They are fun to drive and have been nearly problem free.
    We had a terrible hail storm here in Dallas the night before and as the sun rose I dashed out in my nightgown to check on our fleet which sits outside. It withstood the onslaught. Happy driving.

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