Snafu Before Departure…

I was having an iPad tutorial yesterday and we were trading favorite “apps”??? (eye-hand addicts…keep away from mah jong…deeply addictive…)

when it was suggested I need to plug back into the “mother ship” before departure to make sure all was synced…and I did…BUT there was a snafu and if you see a screen like this you can be pretty sure to have a half-hour conversation with somebody like the nice Mike in North Carolina…Applecare guy…

All is well…back in business…ready to pack…



  1. Welcome home, Bonnie and Roger. I hope that homeward journey was not fraught with any horrid airline problems. You missed a very nice afternoon at Tom Edwards’ birthday party yesterday. Randall and Julia have a gorgeous old Craftsman house you’d have liked to see – but perhaps you have been there at some other time? I trust that Italy was as wonderful as always and I am looking forward to photos and comments!

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