Cortona at last…

Yes, the first cappuch…a welcome sight on the first morning.  We over-slept and while the whole group was touring Cortona we sat in the breakfast room drinking in the views with the coffee.

from below Cortona looks like this

and at the top is Piazza Garibaldi where the Hotel San Luca is located…built down the hillside.

This year Italy is celebrating 150 years of being a republic, but life is always a festival in Cortona

The first night we ate with Cara and Jack and Irene at La Logetta where the waitress with the big glasses charmed us all

and Irene’s dessert was AMAZING

and then the next day the touring started…Assisi and Perugia…an exhausting march for the jet-lagged but we had good guides

but here in Perugia a couple of us experienced the “refusing to tour” moment

and there’s ALWAYS something interesting to look at in Italy

coffee break time…



  1. What I would like to know is why, suddenly, the coffees in America, or at least our neck of Oregon, are prettier than their vaunted homeland?

  2. I think they look exactly like cappucino’s in Italy should look. I am most fascinated by the nice linens under both of the cups!

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