TREE surgery that is.  Last week we noticed this sign on a tree across the street…

and really, when we stepped back and LOOKED at the tree we saw it was a bit sick looking,

and at the base of the trunk somebody in the neighborhood had sprinkled rose petals…as a last tribute?

And today, July 21, day of reckoning, the surgical crew arrived early, there was a crack and a thump and…voila…

and then the rest of the day was spent tidying up…sigh…

Good-bye neighbor…


  1. Never fun to see a tree go, even if it was sick 😦 Your travels looked really, really fun Bonnie. I hope we can get together when we visit in August.

  2. I’m so sad, but at least it will be replaced. And, it was removed before it was completely dead with rotting limbs and all. But, still, … 😦 The rose petals were a nice gesture.

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