In Memory of Bob Hawkinson

Bob died in May, very suddenly.  We were in Italy and missed his memorial service but as we winged our way across the Atlantic he was in our thoughts:

Last weekend a few of us gathered at Sharon’s near the Bay to scatter his ashes in a place he loved.

We had a little lunch (one of Bob’s recipes)

and then each of us wrote a message to Bob which went into the bottom of a little wooden boat my Aunty Pat gave to Sharon years ago…

then the ashes were placed in the boat and we were ready to set off

We took Sharon’s three kayaks and headed for the bay…

where it was a beautiful sunny day…

Sharon read a viking prayer and three intrepid kayakers took the little wooden boat out into the bay.

our last goodbye.


  1. That was a very sweet and creative goodbye. I worked with Bob when he was in charge of Capitol interns–such a nice guy.

  2. I love this ceremony. And so glad you did it. Bob has been in my heart and on my mind these last many weeks. He was, I am tempted to say, a force of nature, but at the same time so sweet and earthy that it never felt like you were being buffeted about. I have been missing him. Our community is changed without him around. And, I am so glad to have known him.

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