The leafy canopy…

So the very next morning after Alisa’s dinner I heard the now-all-too-familiar sound of chain saws buzzing.  I ran out to the deck only to discover a guy in the 40 foot tall walnut tree in the yard behind us.  I quickly snapped a picture of the tree before he got started…

and ever hopeful I thought maybe he was just trimming out dead wood.  But then the first big leafy branch fell…

and we knew we were doomed…

right about here I did the only sensible thing…went for a coffee.

and then I got home just in time to see them go in for the “kill”…

I painted and drew this tree countless times…most completely in this painting now at the YWCA



  1. Oh no! It’s not fair that trees can spend hundreds of years growing and then be gone in a matter of hours. I am sad for your loss.

  2. we’re contemplating what to plant to obliterate the telephone pole…mountain ash maybe…to attract the cedar wax wings…gad

  3. I grew up in Pullman with a mighty black walnut shading my bedroom window and keeping our yard so cool each summer…..miraculously, over 50 years later it still stands–or was during my last visit 3 years ago. Now, after nearly 40 years in Salem I still feel sorrowful each time I see a tree go down, usually on a walking route.

    I still have memories of big trees that disappeared years ago–on Leslie between High and Liberty, on the corner of High and Miller, on the corner of High and Rural and, most sadly because they tried for years to save its life, the huge and stately elm at Hadley house down the street on corner of Winter and Cross. These trees were all like friends and I miss their mass and shade each time I pass by, much as you are missing the walnut.

  4. Are you kidding me? This is awful! Are you sure my neighbor didn’t move westward :)? I’m so very sorry. I’m afraid we humans are just too quick to remove a beautiful, thriving tree. Oh, my!!!!

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