Inadvertent Moments

I was reading an article in the Thursday NYTimes by Roberta Smith this morning about “inadvertent galleries” around Manhattan…empty showcase windows, a parking area under the High Line, etc.  So feeling the need for a little drama, I hit on the idea of giving you a sort of Aaron Siskind-esque tour of some of the Lincoln City murals….kind of like this…

So we pulled up in front the mural on the former birdhouse store/former surf shop… somebody was ahead of me for the photo op…

awww…so instead we went to the Goodwill and bought some shirts for quilting…including a few corduroy ones…don’t forget, 11-11-11 is National Corduroy Appreciation Day!


  1. I am looking to buy a basic/simple sewing machine, affordably priced (low 100s), with metal parts. Any suggestions?

    I think I need one if I am to finish Robert’s quilt in a timely fashion. I plan to give the top piece of the quilt to a quilter’s group to finish it with padding and back.

  2. ooh great shirts. are you going to try for ALL corduroy like Nifty is insisting or more casual? I figure I’ll use a mix of things, including the magenta velveteen. Which is good, because there is no corduroy to be found in FL thrift shops.

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