Bits and Pieces: the Show Goes Up

Home after a terrific beach sojourn…and I had to get a coffee immediately…of course…

This morning after a lovely breakfast at Nan’s

I headed over to Bush Barn to see how the show was coming…yesterday they painted the two walls red, as Kate and I had wanted, and today the quilts were going up…

Here’s the stairwell where there will be lettering, and where Kay Worthington’s quilt will hang…

and here’s the end wall where we’ll feature “Confetti” by Sujata Shah and “Dahlia Rag” by Andrea Balosky and one other…this is Tatyana Drofyak, the talented exhibit designer, working out the final layout…

and here’s the lineup for the east wall…

and they begin to hang:

the show opens Friday September 9, with the opening reception from 5-7…come see!!!


  1. Wishing for a set of wings.. to be surrounded by creativity under one roof and absorb the bits and pieces of stories in stitches by my friends and celebrated artists.
    Thank you!

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