Bits and Pieces: The Opening

Our quilt show “Bits and Pieces” opened Friday night…and it was total fun.  As you come up the stairs we see Kay Worthington’s quilt,

and then into the gallery with Andrea Balosky’s huge Dahlia Rag at the far end…

LeeAnn’s quilts looked smashing,

and Local quilter Joanna Price was excited to have a piece in the show…and even more excited when her son showed up with flowers!!

It was about at this point I had to take off the “girl reporter hat” and put on the “curator hat” and make some remarks.  A more thorough photo essay to follow.  For this night, just a lot of excitement.


  1. Bonnie, you said it all — I was excited, excited, excited! (1-to be in the show; 2-to receive flowers; 3-to win a Merit Award!) A big thanks to all of you involved in putting this show together — it was fantastic.

  2. I saw the show today with my mother, who is visiting from Maine for three weeks. It was her 80th birthday on Sunday, and we’ve been soaking in the wonderful quilts and everything else in Oregon. Amazing show! We both enjoyed it!! Congratulations!!!

  3. Just an appetizer, these shots ~~ but what a show!
    Way to go, Bonnie! Hats off to all involved, esp the person who painted that red wall. V-e-r-y nice.

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