Astoria and Maya Lin

In Astoria today as a tag-along with R who is a member of the Oregon Arts Commission. Yesterday we had a fascinating visit to the Maya Lin Cape Disappointment piece that is part of 5 created for the Confluence Project commemorating the journey of Lewis and Clark in 1805-6. The site was gorgeous, just over the Meglar Bridge in Washington. As with other Maya Lin pieces I have seen this one is a piece of discovery…the impact slowly unfolding as you view it. Project administrator Jane Jacobson led us through the process of construction and gave us a great view of the piece.

Essentially a “boardwalk” (not really boards) leads you to the first view of the ocean that Lewis and Clark had and it looked like this, and still does


I may not add more just now until I learn how to post from this iPad … But I have more photos for sure! Stay tuned…

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