That’s what I’m doing today…housekeeping…trying to run the software for my new camera, do the laundry, clean up the mess I left here at home while getting ready for the trip east… you know the drill, I’m sure. When we got home I attacked the bin of mail that had accumulated and there in the bottom was this postcard, announcing the upcoming publication of a book of poems by Portland poet David Filer. The image on the cover is a painting of mine!

I’d given this painting as a birthday present a decade ago to a young woman who has slipped from my life. She sold the painting in a Sellwood shop, David Filer bought it and…VOILA! On with the housekeeping…stay tuned for SELECTED images from our New England fall trip to see art, leaves and, most importantly, loved ones.


  1. What a lovely redemption of your generous gift! How fitting that it comes back to you in this way and out to so many others. It’s a wonderful painting. Nice poem, too.

  2. That is an amazing circuitous occurrence — but perfect in every way! I LOVE the cover and I LOVE the poem….


  3. Congratulations! Your painting is stunning as a book cover. I just wish you’d been paid scads of money for the rights to use it. Glad you’re home, safe and sound.

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