The iPad Saga…

Ten days or so ago I dropped my iPad2 and smashed the glass (sob)

but luckily the case wasn’t damaged.  I began to search for repair options…Apple=$400…nope.  The cheapest on-line repair I could find was $189.  Then the Mac store in town pointed me to the Reboot Store (384 Center Street NE, 503-363-8221) right in downtown Salem (the website James gave me isn’t working so I can’t give you the link…).  The nice James fixed my iPad for $150, and we also talked about where to buy good bread and the beauty of Vancouver, B.C.  He even opened this morning just for me to pick up my iPad, and we’re back in business!!! Hooray!!!!


  1. So glad you were able to get t it fixed and it wasn’t damaged beyond the glass breakage. ‘We’ are currently having an ipod issue-we already had a breakage issue on a different ipod. It is always something!!!!

  2. You managed to give us a couple of lovely images out of the broken, then repaired, glass plus reflections…beautiful.

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