Christmas is coming…

Karen came for coffee Sunday and when she stepped in, and wanted to take off her shoes, she noticed something unusual…

…one Rocksport, one Mephisto…oops.  Well it was dark when she put her shoes on she said.  We had a coffee and a chat and then she unveiled the beautiful beautiful old quilt squares she’d gotten at a thrift store.  She brought all four and I was to choose one for a present…we looked them over carefully and I could tell the original quilt had been cut up…but though the silk has “blown” and is in tatters, the beautiful embroidery is in great shape.  There is just something so gorgeous about the wear and the patterns…how to choose one…?  Colors, patterns, composition??

Hmmm….#3…well, maybe #4?  The plaid, the stripes, the embroidery…yes, #4 for sure.

Then Karen said…”you know, if I give you one I’ll just take the other three home and put them in the basement…better have them all”…WOW!  Thank you Karen…for the treasures…what a gift.

Karen put her two different shoes on (“you know one is higher than the other…”) and took off.  R and I went to Summit, Oregon, for a lovely pre-Christmas dinner with Sara in her warm and welcoming handmade house (she built it herself)…full of art and books and life…

eating dinner by the tree

and then sitting by the fire talking of our children, her upcoming trip to Jordan and Turkey, Christmases past and present…


  1. Beautiful quilt pieces…any idea how old they are?
    I also have a friend who did the “mismatched shoe dance”–very funny–until it happens to me 🙂

  2. Ooh, don’t know Sara, but sure love her house. And I want to hear her Jordan stories upon her return! (and the quilt squares are very lovely.)

  3. I would have also picked #4. Back in the days when I wore high heels to work sometimes, I once got there in one of my navy blue and one of my black easy spirit pumps. At least they were the same height and shape. And I was still young when I did that.

  4. Bonnie,
    They are all beautiful!!! I would have gone with either one of them. Each one has some significant piece.. the ship, the cane, the pocket.. Hmmm…they make you wonder about their background. I wonder what you will do with them. Can’t wait!

    The mismatched shoes.. Oh I have done that once! Glad to know I am not the only one!

  5. Greetings from Karen of the mismatched footwear. I must add a bit more detail. I was planning to walk all the way to Bonnie’s, easily over 2 miles, but decided to drive and park down by Willamette U to save some time.

    Now if I had walked out the front door, I would have shortly noticed the odd feeling of 2 heights, seen the hilarious error, and gone back to correct. Instead, all I did was go downstairs to the garage–in a hurry—and didn’t notice a thing. I admit to being rather proud of having walked a fair distance to and from the car under less than perfect conditions.

    And I’m so pleased that my quilt squares have found a home where they’ll be loved.

  6. Ah, the people you know and the places you go…wonderful, all. And all such riches well deserved by two of the beautiful-est people.

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