Christmas Week…Monday and Tuesday

A busy week for most of us…Monday for me started with assisting Nancy Lindburg who is overseeing the re-arrangement of the art collection at the Salem Public Library.  Jonathan Bucci, Collections’ Curator at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art, designed the rehanging and he and museum colleague David Anderson were installing things in new locations Monday morning.  I worked at the public library happily for some 14 years and it still feels like home…

Nancy and I “freed” a wonderful early Carl Hall painting from its bad frame and non-reflective glass, and the moment Nancy lifted it away it “came alive”…as she said…

Nancy has been working on building and safe-guarding this collection for years…

and she suggested to Jonathan and David a possible new location for a big wooden sculpture (and the sculptor’s name is escaping me…) where it looked good

…the Louis Bunce looks great in AV, and my favorite part of the move was finally getting my lamp painting situated near a chair and table…here with its new neighbor Eileen Cotter Howell

R picked me up and we were off to Portland to look at some of the work of painter Charlie Reynolds which included

this one of Peninsula Park…(site of a future wedding of some importance for our family!)

and this Astoria building, now the studio of artist Royal Nebekar which we visited in September.

back down the pike in time for a Christmas toast at Martha’s…

Today a committee meeting at Bush House

with a peek at the Bush House Christmas…

and then home to wrap the last few presents and get them under the tree…YAY!!!  DONE!


  1. great work!!! I wondered who made the good choices and installations!! Your lamp painting it beautiful!!! I didn’t know that you worked at the library but can see you there….in the art section :)))

  2. Your painting is just terrific with its new neighbor,of course, and the Carl Hall is FABULOUS!

    As are the trees and their piles of goodies.Ho Ho Ho.

  3. Merry Christmas to the Hulls! Love seeing all the art work! Love the Charlie Reynolds paintings. Good job in the library—looks good!

  4. Hi, Bonnie. OMG. I remember Carl Hall. Good to see the library (I’ve hung out a lot there too). I DO enjoy your blog! Happy holidays!
    best, nadia

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