The “SLUG” days…

These few days after Christmas have been pretty quiet around here.  The first day we went to the movies (“The Way”…thumbs up), the second day we ventured out for coffee, and yesterday I never left the house.  Heaven.  Sewing, reading (Louise Penny, “A Fatal Grace”…good Canadian mystery series), netflix (catching up on “Mad Men”)…here’s my spot with everything close at hand.  I’m off to the gym though today, and errands and groceries (!)…


  1. “Slug” is good. Especially after your “rabbit” days.

    We’ve been cleaning and sorting, and I found a gift certificate for Nick’s Cafe! Guess where we’re headed tomorrow night?

    Best to you and Roger in the New Year!


  2. I also loved “The Way” and spent a lot of time thinking about Adele in the days right after I saw it. After the movie some of the people I saw it with shared their scrapbook of their Santiago journey with us over drinks at the Silverwater’s Mezzaluna lounge.

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