“About Town” in a Rainy Week

Meeting yesterday to plan this summer’s “Project Space 4” (check here for Project Space 3)…the usual culprits and some new faces…

with unique seating possibilities offered…

Today out to lunch at the restaurant located where “Morton’s” used to be…

It’s called “Broken Bread” and here’s the menu…same staircase

but new interior paint:

I had the omelet (very good but too many pumpkin seeds) and my lunch date had the salmon melt without the bread, and salad.  (She brought me a hand-picked treat from the desert…)

later, after the movies (“HUGO”…loved it)


  1. I miss Morton’s, but this place looks like a fun place to see it. I love “dry” soda’s rhubarb flavor (not pictured on the menu) – the son of our PT Pane d’Amore bakery owner Linda is an owner of that company, I think. I saw Hugo in 2-D but loved it even without the space. There was a discussion of early cinema following the showing the night I went. Very interesting.

  2. I meant a fun place “to eat” – just started thinking about Hugo while writing about the restaurant, I guess.

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