“The Art of Communication”

The 10th annual “100 Artists” show at the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery opens next week, with the “celebration” being first Wednesday, February 1st at the gallery.

I’ve had a piece in most of these 10 shows, and it’s always fun.  This year artists were paired randomly and asked to communicate with each other and find a foothold in that communication to build a small piece.  My “penpal” sent a list of the alphabet with all the words filled in except the letter F…so naturally (being more than a little contrary) I did not take the 25 ideas she gave me, but chose the blank word to fill in my own idea…hence the title “The F Word.”  I’ve been thinking about forests and fires a lot this year, hence my idea was formed…the piece is collage, acrylic and wax on panel, and is four- 6″ squares (which could be arranged in a line, or anyway at all).  Here’s how I’ve arranged them:

The show will be up for a month…bids in silent auction style are being taken,…you can look on line or, better yet, go down to the gallery and see it “in the flesh”!!!


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