Unmistakable Signs of Spring…

Today I noticed our first camellia, fully open.  When we moved to Oregon years ago from Chicago I thought the camellias blooming in spring were miraculous.  Now I think of them as pesky, as they fall on the car and make the driveway slippery, but the first one is still a treat…Spring is here!

And that means VALENTINE’s day is nearly here.  Nan is making these cool “Christmas Crackers” for ALL seasons now (her business is called Souvenir Suitcase…) and here are a few for Valentine’s Day…

I chose the multi-colored hearts for my (fictional) table

and it looks so pretty I guess I’ll have to make a dinner for my valentine.  Nan has an etsy store and you can get a few of these…she’s right here in Salem…check it out.


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