Quilt Update…

So much creative stuff to do, so little time…learning “brushes” on the iPad,

sent off the little quilt for Baby Evelyn using left-over pieces of binding from the “Dwelling” project…

and she seems to like it…(awww..so cute!)

Today I have the Value-Village-sheet quilt on the design wall trying to decide if the zig-zags (I seem to be in a zig-zag mood…?) should be random or alternating…I think alternating…

and I was trying to finish the red and white “homage” (to last year’s red/white show at the NYC Armory) by Valentine’s Day…well, I MIGHT make it…today I prepared the binding to spur me on…

tomorrow back to the studio for some collage/transfer prints in process…


  1. I love seeing your quilts! Baby Evelyn is one cute and lucky gal. That ruffle is an elegant addition. The zigzag looks like a fun project. Will look forward to seeing more of the red and white! Thanks for the show.

  2. Bonnie,

    That baby quilt is amazing.. but I must say that the baby Evelyn is stealing the show:)
    Love your red and white quilt in progress! Looking forward to the finish!

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