Studio visit…1900

I guess you know I love to visit artists and their studios…always hoping for some insight I think…and often I get some.  This picture came across my “desk” (HAH!) last week and I was pretty fascinated by it.  This studio was in Salem, probably about 1900 or so, in a barn owned by artist Myra Wiggins and her husband Fred.

Myra was an early photographer, one of three members of the Photo Secession in Oregon (Sarah Ladd and Lilly White being the other two).  She lived up on what we now call Gaiety Hill…She was Myra Albert Wiggins and her father was Joseph Albert, a banker.  She was also a painter, studying at the Art Students’ League in NYC with William Merritt Chase.  Her studio still resonates…you have to admit…

And late tonight my brother the photographer sent me a nicely contrast-ish version of the photo…(thanks Bru…xo)



  1. 1975 or so. I curated a show of Myra’s work in the “Little Gallery”…an extra classroom in Smith Auditorium that we were able to use as a gallery for 2 years or so. We had some very nice shows there…mail art, Claudia Cave, etc. That Myra show of 1975 might have been the first “modern” show of her work in Oregon. Then, as now, research on art and artists is the most fun…next to making stuff, of course.

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