I bought a children’s book at Value Village the other day…it’s in Japanese (I think…nope…Willy Wonky and JE both say Korean) I don’t know Japanese (or Korean either)… I just liked the illustrations.  It made me think of what it was like before I could read, as I began to turn the pages and look at the illustrations, trying to work out the story…

and I wasn’t too far into it when I discovered a message left within the story itself…

intertextuality, possibly??


  1. Love this idea of visual interpretation. And “intertextualizing”? Wow! My new favorite word! What a nice little mystery left by the leaves.

  2. You just gotta love thriftstore book shelves! I cannot believe all the treasures I have found over the years….yours is a unique find. I know there are books out there with my leaves still inside though probably not gingko because they seem so precious that I never forget where I pressed them.

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