The Amazing Way Life Is…

Still on the Manuel Izquierdo trail.  For MONTHS R has been searching for a sculpture that was at the Seattle World’s Fair “Century 21” in 1962, which was called “Figure”.  He had a photocopy of a B&W photo showing the piece…

but nobody knew where it was.  Katrina at Laura Russo tried to track it down, to no avail.  Today a collector called Roger about a piece of Manuel’s they had that R might like to borrow for the show in 2013, and in conversation it came up that the collector owned another sculpture R might be interested in.  Though it is currently at his vacation home, he DID have a photo of it…an old photo from a PAM brochure celebrating PAM’s 75th anniversary in 1967.  I bet you can guess…WOOHOO!  (Thanks Marilyn!)

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