Happy Easter!

“Back in the day”…in this case, the mid-1980’s, I wasn’t the easter bunny.  That was R all the way.  Zach and I dyed the eggs, but R hid them for Zach to find.  Zach would find them all and then say…”Dad, could we do this again?”…and they would.  When I dug out the old photos I noted some changes had been made.  We hadn’t become gardeners yet, the old back porch was still on and the new addition to the house wasn’t, we had a tree house in the back yard instead of a studio…check it out:





Go get those eggs!!!


  1. Happy Easter! Loved the serious little hunter on the trail of the wily ( & patient) Roger rabbit’s hidden eggs! B.& a. photos are a nice dash through almost 3 decades…

  2. Happy Easter! So that is what the Easter Bunny looks like? 66 degrees and sunny tomorrow. Thank you Easter Bunny! We’ve been waiting for you to come.

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